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Converting your existing database to CreditSoft

CreditSoft has converted data from several different software providers throughout the years. This extensive experience has allowed us to create a standard conversion process that guarantees your conversion will be successful. This standard process includes personalization to take into consideration each customer’s situation.

Our experienced data conversion team will ensure all your data is transferred correctly into CreditSoft.
Our Data Conversion Experience

Data Conversion from Brainard

  • We have converted 11 companies totaling hundreds of thousands of client records
  • Some companies we converted from Brainard into CreditSoft had over 10 years of historical data

Data Conversion from CreditMaster

  • We have converted over three hundred thousand records
  • Some companies had up to 18 years of historical data
  • We converted Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, their biggest customer

Data Conversion from CPR

  • We have converted more than sixty thousand records
  • Up to 15 years of historical data
  • We converted Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Southern New England (CCCS of SNE), the largest CPR client. After conversion, they realized tremendous gains in application response times as well as increased operational efficiency.

Did you know that CreditSoft has the largest customers in the industry, some with over 300,000 client records? A lot of time was spent in the design of CreditSoft, to optimize screens and processes so they would handle large databases and still maintain fast application response times.

Customer feedback after switching to CreditSoft

Once you switch to us, you'll want to stay with us. Here is what customers say after they go live:

  • CreditSoft stays up to date with all industry requirements  no need to pay additional cost for add-on features like required RPPS changes
  • Easy ad-hoc reporting and unlimited customization options
  • Security settings and audit logging of changes makes staff easier to manage
  • No more workarounds for basic Credit Counseling functions
  • The ability to automate processes reduces workloads
  • System speed no longer creates delays in processing – no more waiting for the next day to see posted transactions
  • Easy customizable consumer web interface for enrollment and customer service


To prepare our estimate we will need:
  1. A copy of your data files so we can determine data quality
  2. An explanation of any custom fields and their usage
  3. A copy of any other data stored somewhere else (Excel, MS Access, text files, etc.)
Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?


Conversion costs vary depending on the type of database, the amount of data, its quality, and the amount of additional external data sources. But our estimates are free and guaranteed.




For a limited time we are offering conversions from Brainard at a flat fee rate of $4950. Compare this to our regular Brainard conversion which costs an average of $12,000. So this is more than a 50% discount on our proven reliable Brainard conversion. We came up with this discount to help credit counseling agencies make the jump. We have many references available of customers that converted from Brainard and are running their agencies more efficiently with CreditSoft today.

Please call us at (954) 255-2622 x 300 to inquire about this special offer.



How easy will my conversion to CreditSoft be?


Conversions are usually easy but tedious tasks. Conversions can be time consuming because data from your old database often needs to be repaired before CreditSoft can import it. The reason is that the CreditSoft SQL Server database is designed for stability and doesn’t allow corrupted data such as orphan records to be imported.


What types of database formats have you converted into CreditSoft?


Among others: MS SQL Server, Excel, MSAccess, MySQL, DBASE, Sybase, OpenInsight, PostgreSQL, Comma-delimited, FoxPro


How do you guarantee that the conversion will be a success?


We plan our conversion thoroughly with you. We usually schedule several test runs to give you a feel for the data, and test for any errors using control totals and other data validation processes. We plan the “go live” date so your business hours will not be interrupted. And we do not “go live” unless there are no errors.


Can you convert any database?


Yes. But unfortunately, some agencies have found out the hard way that it's almost impossible to switch from certain vendors because their data is not accessible, or just not accessible in a mainstream format that other vendors can read.

If you cannot get us a copy of your data, unfortunately we won't be able to convert it



Can you convert from PrimeDebtSoft?


Primedebtsoft customers that have approached us unsatisfied with their software and level of customer service, and eager to switch to us, have found to their dismay that it was impossible to extract the data from PrimeDebtSoft's servers, and that their data backups were useless for anything other than restoring back to PrimeDebtSoft's servers.

If you don't go with us, our word of advice is to at least make sure your software vendor uses a standard database system that allows for standard backups and data export to mainstream formats like text or excel.