CreditSoft 8 - What's New

Improved Performance

  • Completely written in Microsoft .NET, for better performance
  • Tested and optimized for large installations of 300+ users
  • Uses the newest SQL Server 2012 database technology

Improved Security Setup

  • Define and preview security setup by clicking directly on the windows and fields to be secured
  • Simple pre-defined security groups available to use right away
  • Uses new SQL Server security protocols

Improved User Experience

  • New tabbed-window interface for improved navigation
  • Easily modify the screen layout by clicking on fields directly on the screen
  • Grid columns can be easily added, moved and/or hidden per user
  • Useful navigational shortcuts and context menus throughout the application

Phone, Email and Text (SMS) Integration

  • Phone integration directly on the application using SIP
  • Email integration with SMTP
  • A useful add-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows instant actions based on email sender, subject and message content
  • Ability to text mobile phones for things like payment reminders

Better Reporting

  • Even more built-in reports than before
  • All built-in reports are now editable
  • Compatible with both SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Electronically sign documents

And many new features specific to each industry...

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