Software for debt management companies
Bill Payment

CreditSoft for Bill Payment and Cash Management Agencies

Our Bill Payment software edition allows your financial institution to offer money management and bill payment services to individuals that might not have the ability to do so on their own such as:

  • Older people with Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Adults with substance abuse or addiction problems
  • Individuals with learning disabilities

Our bill payment software allows your agency to efficiently monitor and pay the bills on behalf of these individuals.

The following features are unique to the Bill Payment edition:

  • Integration with Yodlee
  • Integration with MasterCard RPPS Bill Payment
  • Ability to schedule bill responses and payments
  • Download statements automatically
  • Track bill charges, balances, due dates, and fees
  • Ability to set money aside on a prepaid card for miscellaneous expenses

In addition, all the standard CreditSoft features are available, including:

  • Interactive work queues to track important items requiring immediate action
  • Integration with all major phone systems
  • Built-in CRM system with automated workflows
  • Generation of your own contracts and other documents directly from the system
  • Agreements can be signed electronically using our DocuSign integration
  • Web module to give private carers and institutions access to the bills
  • Integration with banks in US (NACHA), Canada, and the UK (BACS)
  • Complete audit trail
  • Customizable screens and lists

The pricing for this particular system is based on the specific configuration required based on the business processes of your agency. Our technical sales can provide you that once we have analyzed your situation. This ensures you get a perfect fit for your company that automates most or all of your processes.

Please call us today and let us show you how CreditSoft can simplify your bill payment operation.