Software for debt management companies

Software - A critical part of your operation

As you develop and establish your agency, a reliable software solution will be one of the most important investments you can make toward solidifying your success.
Investing in software that will help you maximize your operational goals is essential.

The best thing you can do is invest in software that will meet your business needs as your agency continues to grow and mature and reinvent itself. CreditSoft is easy enough for a start-up but also powerful and scalable to be the choice of the biggest agencies in the industry. Changing from software to software can be a significant expense for your company which can be avoided by simply choosing the right solution now.

For startups, or small to medium size agencies we recommend our rental option as an affordable way to get set up with our software. For larger agencies, or those who would rather purchase outright licenses, the purchase option is the way to go.

Please select your industry below to learn more about CreditSoft and its features specific to your industry...

If your agency does credit counseling or debt management, click here for more information about our credit counseling system.

If your agency does debt settlement or debt negotiation, click here for more information about our debt settlement system.

If your agency services student loans and/or consolidates student loans, click here for more information about our student loan system.

CreditSoft uses the latest Microsoft technology to offer you a comprehensive software system for all of your debt portfolio management needs. We have software for credit counseling, financial planning, debt consolidation, loan consolidation, bill payment, debt settlement, debt negotiation and other credit related industries.

Because CreditSoft offers features and tools that are easily customizable by the user, it provides helpful solutions-- regardless of agency size. Whether you are a single user, a large processing agency, or anywhere in between, CreditSoft is adaptable to the unique workflow of your company.

We'll help your agency reach its fullest potential and boost its productivity.

Call us and let us prepare a personalized demo for you.
The best Debt Portfolio Management Software gets even better in this latest version.
Electronic Signatures
You can create a paperless environment! CreditSoft allows your clients to electronically sign contracts.

Do you need us to convert your existing system?
Our team has done a multitude of conversions and has the expertise to convert all your data to CreditSoft.