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Credit Repair

CreditSoft for Credit Repair Agencies

Our customers that want to offer credit repair services to their clients can automate most of those processes using any version of the CreditSoft software. Our document management features make it possible to automate all the dispute letters and the communication with the credit bureaus. In addition, our flexible fee templates allow you to just add Credit Repair services to your existing list of fees, and only charge those customers that need their credit repaired.

The following standard CreditSoft features can be used to automate your credit repair tasks:

  • Import the information from the credit bureau into the account list
  • The credit repair status of each account can be seen in one single interactive screen
  • Set up your document templates using Microsoft Word
  • Add as many fields as needed to your templates to personalize the content
  • Track each document version sent and easily access all from the Document History screen
  • Documents such as Service Agreements can be electronically signed to expedite the process
  • Fees can be charged to a credit card, electronically debited or mailed
  • Specific creditor parameters can be stored in the database

In addition, all the other CreditSoft features are available, including:

  • Interactive work queues to track important items requiring immediate action
  • Integration with all major phone systems
  • Built-in CRM system with automated workflows
  • Optional web interface gives access to clients and creditors
  • Complete audit trail
  • Customizable screens and lists

All the credit repair features can be configured by the end user. However, we can help you get a quick start by creating the document templates and workflows for you. Our technical sales can provide you an accurate quote and guaranteed time-frame of installation once we have analyzed your requirements. This ensures you get a perfect fit for your company that automates most or all of your processes.

Please call us today and let us show you how CreditSoft can simplify your credit repair operation.